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Jon is  an experienced Coach and Digital Consultant with considerable experience working with people in business, technology and finance.  Jon has more than 30 years’ experience working in highly pressurised working environments where there is no space to stop and breath let alone reflect and consider some deeper questions.  And yet he has  learned that those questions lurk beneath the surface and create a longing for things to change.  This is where Jon can help.  Consider Jon as your thinking companion who you can trust to support you through changing times and challenge you to go beyond your limiting beliefs when it is in your interest to do so.

Jon’s work as a Lean-Agile Consultant means that Jon continues to stay with the day to day challenges of modern working.  Much of this work is often about systemic cultural challenges.  Jon is fortunate to have had some amazing experiences  that enables him to draw upon some  exciting facilitative techniques to work with teams and other groups of people to help them to evaluate what they want and what might be getting in their way.  Jon enjoys working with organisations that are seeking new ways of working that helps to create an innovative environment for people to prosper and organisations to be successful.  Jon likes to work with people who are interested in change but might be un-sure what that change is or how to achieve it.  They might be held back by their own situation and they might benefit from some one-to-one focussed support to help them to find their own path to where they want to go.

Performance Coaching

Jon is an experienced Executive and Performance Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Agile Consultant helping leaders, teams and organisations to achieve effective change. Jon specialises in engaging with leaders working with organisational change to help them to lead the way and achieve successful outcomes for themselves, their teams and the overall environment.

Generative Coaching

Generative means to create a result that has never existed before in the world. It is the power of the entrepreneur, the artist, the philosopher, the inspirational leader." Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan, Thought Leaders. Jon will bring this experience to his co-creative work with his clients. This enables clients to take a fresh look at a current situation and to consider what they want next and how they want to get there.

Team Facilitation

Jon has trained in ORSC (Organisational Relationship Systemic Coaching) to help him to creatively address some typical organisational issues like include fear of change, programme delivery, work overload, delegation, organisational skills, handling conflict, team development, confidence and decision making, limiting beliefs and motivation to name just a few.

Jon provides a healthy mix of support and challenge by building trust, understanding the coaching work and agreeing clear objectives. He leaves his clients feeling empowered, motivated and determined to achieve more.

Lean Agile Coaching

Jon has helped leaders, teams and organisations to change the way they work to evolve and look for continuous learning and improvement. Whilst at PA Consulting, Jon developed his skills as a facilitator and Agile Consultant and Mentor. He enabled people at BP, University of Sheffield and HSBC to work with Scrum and Kanban. He worked with leaders at Maersk and Jet 2 to help them to reflect on their approach to systemic thinking, leadership and culture.

Jon has worked in programme delivery from a wide range of organisations, including BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, UBS, TUI and VocaLink since the 1990s. He has a wealth of broad and deep experience in delivery complex programmes of work using modern technology to help organisations to evolve and grow.

SAFe Program Consultan

Jon is an experienced Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) trainer and SPC consultant. This means he can apply a deep contextual understanding of a situation at different levels. As an SPC, Jon can operate at the Enterprise, Portfolio, Program or Team level.

Jon was  is a Certified Scrum Professional trainer (Scrum Alliance, CSP), creating learning through play using lean and agile values and principles. Based in Rickmansworth, he works throughout Hertfordshire including Watford; and also, in London.

Young Persons Coach

Finally, Jon has provided pro bono 121 coaching to young people in Watford via Signpost counselling charity since 2013. Jon has coached hundreds of young people to help them achieve their aspirations at their stage of life.

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