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Wendy Davies, Change Manager, Sept 2023

"Thank you Jon, that is one of the most useful, and informative sessions that I have had in the Home Office"

Anonymous, Marketing Director, November 2022

Overall, I have found the coaching extremely helpful. It has been my first experience of executive coaching, and I have enjoyed the freedom to discuss whatever topics feel relevant and pertinent to me. Jon has been a great guide to the conversations – really allowing me to open up and explore myself in new ways. I enjoy his relaxed and gentle approach – which helps me to feel comfortable to discuss personal challenges. I have learnt a lot about myself, whilst having tangible actions and habits to take into business (and personal) life.

Darren Degiorgio, Director Global Customer Service, Burberry, November 2022

Jon has been an excellent Executive Coach over the past few months. By allowing me to share my feelings and outlook on my professional development, Jon has pushed and supported me to push my personal boundaries with great success. Darren Degiorgio, Burberry

Louise Boulton, July 2022

Coaching helped me challenge unexamined assumptions and recognise ways of thinking and behaving that were restrictive. I had some goals that felt out of reach and I've now been able to achieve them, and I'd also say I have a 'toolkit' for how to approach future challenges.

Anonymous, Feb 2022

Jon certainly knew his subject material as well as his craft. He had excellent knowledge and used the online resources available well to help explain concepts. He's a very good trainer, he didn't just assume people understood, he made sure!

Darren Thatcher, Agile Coach, Jan 2020

I worked closely with Jon late 2019 at a FTSE100 energy company. What impressed me is Jon's indepth knowledge of what I refer to as 'the human being', which is fundamentally what coaching needs. I enjoyed many deep and broad conversations with Jon. He's a man I certainly want to keep in touch with and would enjoy working with him again. An absolute pleasure to meet.

Graham Ross, Talented Athlete and Performance Lifestyle Advisor Oct 2018

"I have worked with Jon for several months now and he has helped me in a number of different ways. Initially we talked about, and he helped me to focus on developing a core set of skills that were required as I embarked on a new career journey. As the relationship developed Jon also helped me to develop my confidence to explore furthering my career in performance and lifestyle coaching. This primarily focussed on establishing some clear and meaningful personal goals which have enabled to focus on what is important both in the short and longer term. I have made significant progress in a short period of time and look forward to realising my personal and career goals in the future."

Suzanne Bundy, Kames Capital July 2018

"Working with Jon was a real pleasure. He brought Agile to life in ways that challenged our preconceived notions and really got us thinking. As a coach Jon was very accessible, straight off he felt like a member of the team. He was a great listener and knew just when to ask the types of questions that helped us move towards the answers we were seeking. Jon has a genuine interest in people and helping them to excel."

Scrum Master, UK University Feb 2018

“I am new to agile and I’m taking on the role of scrum master. I have some experience of being coached. Jon’s approach to agile and coaching feels to me like he’s not reading from an agile or coaching handbook. He provides subtle and powerful challenges to my thinking. He also provides practical solutions to problems where feasible, and he has quickly understood the environment I work in. I very much appreciate his supportive but not inappropriately sympathetic approach to more emotional outbursts.”

Publishing CTO, January 2018

I learn a lot about Agile at scale in Jon's workshop. I increased my knowledge by 500%. A great way to start my new job and the new year.

Leye Adenle, Agile Coach

Discovering Jon Sleeper's coaching sessions has made all the difference in my role as an agile coach and it's easy to see why: Jon embodies all the qualities of a great coach. In the months I've been attending his sessions, I have discovered a deeper love for my profession and my toolkit has widened. His influence on me has been transformational.

Paula Pescar, Scrum Master, April 2016

"Jon was my coach while working at Comic Relief, he helped me a lot with all the issues I was facing as my first Delivery Manager position. He is a very calm, calculated and solution oriented person, you can see this in his coaching skills also.

He helped me rethink and change the way I coach my team, to help them understand why taking ownership important for both themselves and the product and why the agile way of working is meant to make their life easier.

My main issue I was facing was I did not know how to coach others so the great thing about Jon is that while coaching you he is also sharing the knowledge on how to coach yourself even if by only observing his behaviour, the key words he is using and the approach he is taking.

My main issue I was facing was I did not know how to coach others so the great thing about Jon is that while coaching you he is also sharing the knowledge on how to coach yourself even if by only observing his behaviour, the key words he is using and the approach he is taking.

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