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Free Your Strategy Meeting

Jon can help you to get up and running in a couple of days on your transformation journey. This could involve:

  • Creating a new vision or roadmap for your strategy.  

  • Advising on the first steps of your organisational change work using Lean and Agile principles to prioritise and incrementally deliver valuable change.  

  • Architecting and designing approaches to organising, structuring and communicating the change that your teams and leaders are undergoing during this time of digital disruption.

With 30 years’ experience as a People and Product Change Leader Jon can create a plan that is resourced with motivated people to deliver multi-million-pound programmes of technology solutions to and transformational change to customers.  

We can work together to create a programme of work that will deliver incremental benefits and to help you to achieve the return on investment that you need. 


Jon will use Lean principles to create organisational change, implementing working practices using Kanban to help you to visualise the work, identify system delays and focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Workshop Facilitation Planning Meeting

2019-05-16 12.24.38 (2).jpg

Having facilitated certifiable training courses and customised workshops for thousands of people over the last 8 years Jon has a track record for creating interesting and educational content to help teams, leaders and organisations achieve a valuable learning experience.

Click on the link here to see a full list of all the certified based training that Jon can provide (for Scaled Agile Framework [SAFe] and ICAgile Agile Coaching).  This has historically been face-to-face based classroom training but since the coronavirus pandemic, this is often remote-based training these days.  

Jon is a licensed SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and an ICAgile Authorised Instructor.  Students are entitled to take the SAFe Agilist (SA) certification (86% pass rate through my training class).  Jon also accredits students for the ICAgile Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) certificate. 

With thousands of hours’ worth of experience facilitating workshops and a background in Organisational Systemic Relationship Coaching (ORSC) Jon values the importance of people working together at a point in time, within a specific context and local situation.  Let’s work together to create a tailored a workshop that works for you, your organisation and your people. It can be customised to your needs and wishes, with the purpose of generating the outcomes that you are looking for.

121 Coaching Chemistry Meeting

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Jon is an Executive, Performance and Generative Coach, regulated by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 


Jon specialises in engaging with leaders and individuals working with organisational change to help them to lead the way and achieve successful outcomes for themselves, their teams and the overall environment.  

Jon has worked with many entrepreneurs and small business owners. 


Often Jon can help his clients who are highly productive and effective but having problems with their workload, work-life balance or even business or person relationship challenges.  

Finally, Jon has provided pro bono one to one coaching to young people in south-west Hertfordshire via Signpost counselling charity since 2013. Jon has coached hundreds of young people to help them achieve their aspirations at their critical stage of life.  This might mean helping them through:

  1. A sticky situation at home or at school.

  2. A negative experience or emotional situation using some powerful coaching tools and techniques.  

  3. Confidence, beliefs, resilience or motivational issues.

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